What the Students are Saying

What the Adults are Saying

  • Magda Dahdah, Vice Principal, Holy Spirit

    Here at Holy Spirit, our students have been enjoying a wonderfully creative program from Guitar Starz Club!  Students come to the after school program excited and ready to learn how to play guitar with the innovative Gamification system.  Our students are engaged as they develop their skills at every level. Parents often comment on how happy their child is in the program and how excited they are to perform in front of their peers.  Mr. Valencia’s Guitar Starz Club is a welcomed addition to our school community.

  • Andy, Parent of Student

    “Our son started with Guitarstarz after he tried playing the violin. He started out excited but as time passed his excitement dwindled and he never wanted to practice, it wasn’t fun or a challenge. We decided to switch him to guitar, however, our concern was he may loose interest again. We heard about Guitarstarz and the teacher Mr.V  , he taught using a new method called gameified guitar. When we learned it incorporated using an iPad and guitar similar to a video game we instantly knew our son would be excited and not loose interest.

    Our son is in his third year and still loves it! When he practices it’s actually fun for the whole family, he tries to beat his classmates records even Mr.V, he gets really into it and we’re always running over to see his score at the end of a song. Surprisingly, I have to get after him to STOP practicing and move onto homework, which isn’t nearly as fun!

    He also plays other instruments in his school band and having the guitar background has made him excel at music and school. We are so grateful to Guitarstarz and Mr.V, he is a gifted teacher that creatively took teaching to a whole new fun, exciting and entertaining method. Thank you Mr.V you are our guitar hero!”

  • James, Very Happy Parent!

    THANK YOU guitar starz club. It has been an amazing three years of success for my daughter.

    She has grown to the point where she can get music off the Internet and play independent of the program.

    I can’t say enough about the skills she has attained. This has been done with in my opinion not an overly amount of practice, usually 15 to 20 mins a day a few days a week.

    The administrators of the program Juan and Sandy are great people who genuinely root for your child to succeed.

    It has been a fantastic experience for my child who now although gets a little nervous before she performs in public but definitely not terrified. This has translated into her presentations in school and elsewhere in life.

    Although she was always a good student she is even better now.

    Sign you child up, they learn, they have fun, what are you waiting for!

  • Carrie., Parent of Student

    My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed learning to play guitar with Guitar Starz.  She loves music, but is not overly musical.  What we love about Guitar Starz is that you don’t need to be musical to learn to play and enjoy it while you are learning!  The interactivity is extremely ingenious!  And she loves her teacher to boot!

  • Len & Ernie, Parents of Student

    Dear Guitar Starz Club,

    We are impressed with the teaching approach of Mr. V to his students. The app that my daughter uses is quite useful and encourages her to practice daily.  My husband and I can observe her improvement and we can also see the joy in her when practising.

    We also appreciate Mr V’s way of monitoring the progress of our daughter in her lessons. Making use of technology is really the way to go.

  • Kristin, Parent of Student

    My son has enjoyed Guitar Starz for the past 3 years, he loves going to class after school. He has learned so much over the past 3 years, how to play properly, how to enjoy practising and how to have fun!  I’m so happy for this incredible program and for Mister V, his incredible teacher! 🙂

  • Susan, Parent of Student

    Love your program for the children. Helps having an option for during the school day as after school is still busy day to day. Only thing I would change is to add an extra day for them, twice a week and also always help if price was lower as i have three children and i would have to pick and choose which one could participate.

    Overall we love the idea of giving the kids a time to experiment with music.

  • Lisa, Parent of Student

    Our son has been participating in the Guitar Starz program for three years now.  Mr. “V” creates a welcoming environment for our son  allowing him to express himself musically in a social and fun atmosphere.  Ayden looks forward to his weekly jam sessions!

  • Gita, Parent of Student

    I have been very pleased with my daughter’s progress.  She has gone from having no guitar experience, and minimal ukulele experience, to playing recognizable songs in a month.  More impressive is that she has remained interested, and practices without me having to remind her!

    I am also very pleased with Mr V.  From the start he made clear he wanted it to be a positive experience for her, and has been very supportive.

    This is a wonderful program, and I hope to see it embraced by more schools!

  • Connie, Parent of Student

    “There’s all sorts of studies to say that all of this technology that students have been exposed to is actually changing the wiring of their brains and it would make sense then that we are using that wiring to teach them more effectively. As an educator, we know that you need the balance of motivational language along with immediate descriptive feedback and that the challenges have to be at the appropriate level and this program delivers just that.”

  • Sandra, Parent of Student

    We love Mr.V and Guitarstarz!!!! We wish all learning was this fun! Wishing Guitarstarz all the best in all their years to come! We wish Mr. V was in every school!