Highbush Guitar Starz Club

Highbush Public School
605 Stroud’s Lane, Pickering, ON L1V 5M5


Sept. 28- June 15

Room: Music Room

For all Inquiries Contact:
Sandra Peic
Program Administrator


All students must own or rent a guitar to be part of the club. Having your own instruments is key to learning and advancing at a normal pace. Each instrument is different and having their own is very important to be able to adapt to it quickly.

We recommend Long and Mcquade Musical Instruments for their service, prices and rental capabilities. When purchasing/renting the guitar make sure that you child is with you so the specialist can recommend the appropriate size. There are many brands and they come in 3 different sizes (full size, ¾ size and ½ size). There are nylon string guitars and steel string guitars, the difference is mainly sound. Nylon strings are usually easier on the fingers but every student will accommodate to the instrument they start with.

2018/19 Full-Year Registration

For more advanced students, please contact us to register for our higher level classes.

  • Classes will run on a weekly basis at Highbush Public School from September to June.
  • The Guitar Starz Club program has been designed for students from grades 3 to 8.
  • It consists of one-hour weekly group guitar lessons of a maximum of 12 students per class.
  • Fees are based on $20 per lesson x the number of classes, plus a $25 Administration fee.
  • The final schedule will be determined based on enrollement and are dependent on Durham District School Boards’ Holiday and PA Day calendar.
  • Payment can be made in full or in 5 installments, (September 1, November 1, January 1, March 1 and May 1).