Guitar Starz Club is a not-for-profit organization that gives children the opportunity to create and express themselves through music and technology.


Our vision is to foster motivated, creative and social children through music and technology.

Guitar Starz Club – Gamified Group Guitar Lessons

Guitar Starz Club is a music program like no other in the GTA. We deliver the best musical experience to our students through the implementation of new technologies and up-to-date concepts in music education. At Guitar Starz Club, we have developed a program that is based on the gamification of learning. Gamification of Learning is an educational approach that motivates students to learn by using game mechanics and game design techniques in learning environments. Through the use of these techniques we are able to maximize enjoyment and engagement by capturing the interest of our students and inspiring them to continue learning.

Guitar Starz Club is a music program that is delivered in your school during lunch hour and/or as an after school program. It was founded by Award Winning Guitarist, Composer, Music Producer and Educator, Juan Valencia. His vision is to provide an engaging environment that gives children the opportunity to learn music and express themselves with confidence while having fun playing the guitar with their friends. “Learning music should be fun from day one” is the philosophy of Juan Valencia, whom from experience has seen many talented children, including himself being deterred from music education.

The Guitar Starz Club program has been designed for students from grades 3 to 8. It consists of one-hour group lessons of a maximum of 10 students per class. The groups are organized according to skill level (beginner, intermediate and advanced), as well as age group. This program has been developed to teach students from day one, the theory and techniques involved in playing the guitar through the use of educational gaming tools and a custom designed “gamified” environment. With this unique cutting edge system, students are consistently engaged by connecting and collaborating with each other, by receiving immediate feedback and by continually being challenged. Students are also encouraged to progress with a reward system based on their achievements. Rewards such as Starz and Points are used to elevate proficiency by showcasing the talents, expertise, and accomplishments of our students. This system has proven to be extremely successful in fuelling deeper engagement and with extremely rapid results.

In addition to this method of learning the groups develop a fun repertoire of songs they enjoy playing together as a group. These songs are performed in front of an audience during different school events as well as in the final recital at the end of the school year.


A Board of Directors of volunteer parents guide our program, and their vision is implemented by our Executive Director and Program Coordinator.

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Mister V – Director

Juan Valencia is foremost a musician. He loves music. He’s an instructor who is passionate about his craft and is committed to live a life that revolves around music. His experience, knowledge and proficiency in music performance inspire his students to love the craft and become more accomplished.

Born in Colombia, Juan migrated to Canada in the year 2000 to continue his studies. After graduating from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana as a Classical Guitarist he joined the music program at Humber College where he graduated with honors in Jazz Performance, Arrangement and Composition. Juan is experienced in many genres of music, including: Jazz, Classical, Rock and World Music and best exhibits his talent teaching guitar as well as composing to motion pictures. Already recognized for his personal project, Plan C, Juan holds a Canadian Music Week Award as best Latin Alternative Band in Canada.

Since the beginning of his music career of over 15 years, Juan Valencia has been a committed music educator instructing students of all ages on the techniques of playing the guitar. He has also had the opportunity to be part of the Toronto Catholic School Board for eight years teaching orchestral band to students form grades 7 and 8.

Our Director, Juan Valencia, is an accredited Yousician Distinguished Educator.

Yousician Distinguished Educators (YDE) are experienced teachers who successfully use Yousician with their students. We recognize their outstanding performances in going the extra mile to make the world a more musical place.

YDEs act as mentors to educators seeking advise how to get the most out of Yousician. They share tips & tricks, ideas for lessons, how to best use Yousician in group and private lessons, and more.

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High Five Accredited

We are accredited High Five Educators (a quality assurance program). We have been trained in the principles of healthy child development in recreation and sport settings. The Club ensures programs include High Five’s five essentials of a high quality program …

1) Participation: Fair opportunity for everyone to participate

2) Play: Just having fun!

3) Mastery: Learning new skills and being successful

4) Friends: Opportunities to make and build relationships

5) A Caring Adult: A leader or coach who shows warmth and genuine interest in children

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Our Instructors are First Aid/CPR-C certified; have submitted a clear vulnerable sector screening; and have attended comprehensive job-related training. All of this is done to ensure a high quality and safe experience for your child.